Proud of my bag :)

After I spent three hours making the lining for my found-it-in-my-grandma's-closet vintage bag without any cutting material cuz I'm so lazy (and it was midnight) I was so proud and I had to put it in use the next day!

 I love these shoes!
They are so soft and comfortable and above all I paid them 10€ at Texto in Rue de Rennes in Paris.
You can find the same model at Geox, but the cost is 10x higher...

 I found out that from this year I wear a size 39 and all my shoes are size 38!
 Is it possible?!

 The ring I painted myself :)

 The necklace is also my work of art :)

 Et voila!

And that day I had to change my shoes and bag because I had tones of stuff to do around the city...but I matched my plastic bag with papers in it with my yellow shirt slash dress :D

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