''Peacocks London'' Style Competition Winner :)

Remember the ''Peacocks London'' style competition :)
Well, I won a voucher for 100eur and I think I've chosen the best stuff because despite the 70 and 30% sale, most of the stuff were around 20, 30, 40eur...so, we get to the conclusion that I really know how to get the most from every situation ;)
And it came at the right time :)
I'm totally broke, that's not so frightening but I managed to get my fiance broke to the bones and in times of sales
So, yeah :) they made me very, very, very happy!

The shoes I gave up, in favor of a gift for my little sis :)
Sandale kojih sam se odrekla u korist poklona za moju sestricu :)

Tough decision :O
Teška odluka :O

 my work of art ;) both the ring and the nails 
moje delo :) i prsten i noktići

 and DONE!

the gift :) ♥

Thank you!

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