Back to Childhood!


Whether you are into vintage or not, you couldn't be immune to these new trends that are strolling around for some time now. There's a little girl hiding in everyone of us and this is the way to let her out without looking ridiculous and funny. Some would say this trend is way too conservative and granny or Amish, but that's the beauty. We don't want all to look like Playboy bunnies in glitter and pink (outside our bedroom) ;)
Embrace it or not, it's up to you.
Your only task is to personalize it and enjoy playing with it!
Give it your personal touch and get in touch with your childhood in adult kinda way!

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  1. Jel znas gde moze da se nadje crni sesiric sa slicica? :) Ubih se trazeci ga..

    1. Koji crni? Sa širokim obodom, običan fedora ili ovaj sa užim obodom? Sad trenutno mislim da ih nema nigde :( bili su do nedavno u Bershki i u Stradivariusu, a možda ih ima po šeširdžijskim radnjama, ima jedna u Balkanskoj sa desne strane skroz dole pre raskrsnice sa Gavrila Principa, možda tu možeš da nađeš... :)


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