My favorite scents and skin/hair care products!

Love this Just Cavalli in the winter!

and this WoW ;) in the spring!

When I feel chic I sink into Givenchy and become Very Irresistible :)

This smells like cotton candy or Barbe a papa :) mmmm

The best thing to hydrate your body!

Sweet almond scented dry oil that really prolongate nice summer tan!

Cat guest towel that I brought from my 1st trip to Paris a few years ago...

Le Petit Marseillais liquid soap that smells like heaven!
Lavender and Milk

My fav: Neutrogena

Clay mask
(that make you look like little green Marsian!)

Shower gel: Orange flower and Sweet almond milk :) mmmm

After years of trying I won't change it ever!
Ambre solaire

You have to have these!

When I feel ugly I put my fake tan on and things get so much better!

Gliss smels nice but it's not doing anything for my hair
Expert boucles mousse is genial! It smells the best in the world!
Taft Titan look is my everyday must!

Hair styling

Digging up between the bottles and stuff I couldn't help but notice that I'm really fateful to my favorite scents and I decided to share it with you.
There are some presents, things I bought in Paris, things I bought here in Sephora, in Lilly (although I noticed that despite the large difference in price between these two parfumeries there is also big difference between scents!!!)...
I love smells like bergamot, almond, milk, subtle scents of flowers, argania, lemon grass, fruit scents etc.
I'm gonna go now to get ready for the night out!


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