Just a quick update!

I've moved!

Got my beautiful bed!

1st morning 

Got a cup of coffee while I was in bed :)

A view from my bed

Amazing sun reflection at the ceiling 

 And a few sources of happiness:

Vacuum cleaner called Pinky :)

Perfect Kika furniture (this part particularly could be made into 4 different pieces of furniture!)

One drawer for the hair brushes, one for the jewelry, one for the hairdryer, hair curler,  flattening iron..

Got my Dormeo bed cover and Dormeo mattress...and a BIG smile obviously :)

Then there were some foggy days

Amazing set of Ikea 6 pack boxes for closet arangement

And a place for my shoes!

Hey, guys! Here I am again! I've been busy, busy, busy these couple of weeks and now I finally finished and  could take a deserved time off :)
Everything is settled into it's own place and could not believe it's that easy!
First morning my man went to get me a cup of coffee (caffe latte) and it made me feel very special and from that day on everything went kinda smoothly...
As for the furniture I have to say I'm beyond happy for having Dormeo products! 
It's like: you lay down and go to sleep instantly and you wake up without any back problems (and trust me, if someone has all the back problems, that's me)!
Second stuff: Kika furniture!
They are amazing, everything is prefect, the delivery is impeccable the stuff is very quality (opposite to our Forma Ideale and other big furniture manufacturer) and it look amazing!
As for the life part, I'm totally hooked on E! channel!
It's on 24/7 :p 
And that's it for now!

Lots of love

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  1. svidja mi se stan :)
    i ti si naravno prekrasna :D

  2. Savrseno!! Stan snova, predivan pogled na grad a da ne spominjem policu za cipele - fantazija!.. Zelim ti srecno useljenje :)


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