My ballet gear!

Leg warmers (from left): Grishko, C&A, Sansha and Sansha

Sansha leotard and Decathlon cache-coeur 

This ballerina is a earring holder that I bought at Claire's in Blvd St.Michel in Paris

And this red mini pointe key chain I got as a gift from Deha store owner here in Belgrade as a fateful customer!

Stickers I find somewhere in France

Very dear picture of Ana Pavlova or Maya Plisetskaya with a special autograph from our famous children comedian Branko Kockica that he signed as "For Titina the little ballerina from Branko (and he draw a little square box because it was his mark and a nickname)" though the letters are very hardly visible...

My first set of ballet pointe
(from left) these I wore when I was 6 (it's not recommended at such an early age), the middle one when I was 8 and the last ones (that are soft) at the same age

Decathlon gymnastic leather slippers that I wore for Show dance practice when I was older

My very 1st leotard! :)

These are new!
Grishko and Sansha

You'll gonna need this!

My favorite soft ballet shoes!
In these I achieved the best results and they were given to me by my dearest friend who worked at the National Theater
(until I washed them in washing machine one night when I was to tired the manually soak them)
It's a no no! Do not ever machine wash your soft ballet shoes (not to mention pointe :p)

I miss my ballet years so much...
Day by day by day...
I was born and have the talent for classical ballet but my body is not listening to me...
But, who knows why is that good...

P.s. I adore Sansha! They have the best stuff...if someone asks you :)
Grishko is ok, Deha is expensive and too comercial, but Sansha (I shopped in Paris, I think the nearest one is in Budapest) is the best!

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  1. ja sam bas uzivala gledajuci ove slike!
    nekad sam i ja igrala balet...


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